Real & Heart Touching Story Regarding Problems Of Society: “Stalking-Why does it matter?”

Real Story: A few days ago, craving MoMo, I entered a fairly empty restaurant and placed my order. A few minutes later, a group of four boys entered the restaurant and sat at another table right next to me. Looking at them, I had a fair understanding that those were college boys who were looking forward to celebrating their end of high school. I was enjoying my own company until a word followed by a burst of laughter caught my attention.

“Stalking-Why does it matter?”

One of the boys had opened the Facebook profile of a girl and he was calling her bad words. What followed was even more disturbing. The girl had her number on her profile and the boys were pointing at each other to try her one after the other. I was extremely furious at this point and I realized this was the first time I was seeing such a disturbing level of stalking and verbal abuse. The boys then went on to check profiles of a number of girls, make very disturbing comments, exchanged whatever information they had about the girls, and laughed time and again. At this moment, I couldn’t stop myself and asked them to stop right away. They apologized but I could still see a number of profiles being scrolled one after the other. All they did was lower their voice and keep sharing the information using gestures.

Disturbing Point for me!!

What was most the most disturbing point for me?

The most disturbing point of this incident, for me, however, was when one of the boys shared his own girlfriend’s number with the group, openly termed her a ‘slut’, and proudly expressed, and I quote “I was merely using her because the girls of her type want nothing more than a physical relationship.” Unable to bear more, I complained to the receptionist there, canceled my order, and walked back home. However, from the past few days, I often think of how easily a group of boys publicly made such disturbing comments and still got away from it.

What is social media’s role in our life with taking a positive approach? With the world getting more tech-dependent every single day, social media has been an inseparable part of our life now. These media sites have been the most favorable space for all of us to make ourselves visible to people around us, share information about our personal and professional life, share photos, videos, contact information, and so on. This, in a sense, was the very basis for why social apps were introduced. While I won’t argue whether social media sites themselves protect your privacy or not, a few users clearly seem to not understand the very basic etiquette of this space.

While I also agree that social media helps people connect and that’s the very reason why profiles are shared, it is important to understand that any immoral use of this liberty is a heinous crime that might lead to some very disturbing results.

Be aware of Stalking Issue!!

Why Stalking really matters? || Real Story

Stalking might not sound like a serious issue for most of us but the perpetrator getting the freedom to disrupt someone’s protective space shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the situation worsens, such disruptions in daily life can lead to serious implications including changes in employment, residence, and phone numbers, might take a toll on the victim’s well-being, and might even lead to a sense of isolation. The very possibility that such destructive stalking sitting in a public restaurant. With cozy seats might lead to stalking on the streets is horrible. And we must do our best to prevent that transformation. It’s of utmost importance that we discourage any such activities that might lower someone’s image, disrupt someone’s protective space, or endanger someone’s privacy.

Conclusion || Real Story: Let’s also be more cautious to ensure a fine line between our personal space and our social space. And to what extent we want people to have access to those spaces. Here, by no means do I want to emphasize what one needs to share and what not to. But we must be rational about the mere possibility of dangers that could unfold if we choose not to stay cautious.

Public opinion/Comments after reading this story!!

Here, Is the point of view debate between “Girls & Boys” that we must learn after reading the above Real story.

Girl: While we do most to keep our voices up against all of this. I hope young girls(as I see very young girls who shouldn’t even much exposure to social media) out there. Do realize what that thin line represents. It represents your dignity, your pride, and mostly your safety from such people whose mentality can shame satan too. Of course, we cannot dictate what one shares through their profiles and can only alarm them about the harms. But I do pray those people who put themselves unguarded out there in this dark web face no dangers.

Though this might sound conservative here, one has to face the consequences of their exposure. You can’t blame it all on the public when you’ve put things out there for the whole world to exploit. As mentalities vary, there might be some who will walk past it. While there are also those who’ll choose to stay and prey on what you’ve exposed. We cannot deny it. We just cannot.

Boy: Agreed. That’s the very reason why I didn’t make any generalizations here. All we can ask is for everyone to be as cautious as possible. I do pray that no one gets exploit but I mostly pray, people get rational and understand the disturbing consequences of stalking or just objectifying someone.

Continued…|| Real Story,

Girl: We are of course not blaming the victims. But no one is as educated as today’s generation about online dimensions. While we realize there are scoundrels out there and keep informing them. People just don’t want to come out from their flaky all goody life. This is so annoying. Knowing the vulnerability of the circumstances, if we don’t know where to set our boundaries. Then fingers will be pointed towards us. In real life, things are termed “Private” for a reason, and if people cannot understand what that term translates to , we seriously need to either rethink our schooling or our boundaries that determine the privacy .

Boy: Well put, Sabina. Left me speechless here. Perfect portrayal.

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