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Fictional Story: World Must Give Priority To Women

A fictional story can relate to this, To fulfill the aspirations for her family, a woman, carrying the burden of utmost hardships and struggles, gets a job in the Middle-east. She then prepares to fly with high hopes—a hope to brighten the future of her children and family keeping herself ablaze in an alien land. When she is about to depart, she gets to know that her route is impeded with some illogical, immoral, and inhuman changes to the law. She then goes to the local government to get her letter. Where she is asked to bribe to get her paperwork done.

She goes to her husband to get the letter of consent who asks her to buy a couple of bottles of wine in return, thereby trading her future with temporary relaxation. With nowhere to go, she helps a seemingly pleasant man who forges/completes her paperwork and gets her ready for the departure. Finally, “an angel among mortals,” she thinks, but, later, she realizes that the man is actually a trafficker and she is sold somewhere—to a brothel, to forced labor, to everything worst imaginable. Months of trepidations later, she is found hanging in the ceiling with a rope tightly clutching her neck. She dies and so does the hopes and aspirations of her family—of her toddler, of her old parents. Just A Fictional Story!!

“A women with hopes for her dream and caring example of family.

Does this sound real enough? & Isn’t this a possible scenario?

A woman, who was courageous enough to take steps independently, bound under restrictions. Her wings cut and torn apart. Just A Fictional Story!!

World Must Give Priority To Women: “One word to sum up the new proposed rule for Women”

Is this a law that protects women? The clear answer is NO. This is a law that cages woman under the shelter of misogynist men who claims to be their messiah. I don’t understand how laws like these is propose without basic thoughtfulness and consideration of its implications.

  • Doesn’t this law clearly treat women as second-class citizens?
  • Isn’t this law clearly violates the very fundamental right that every human grants with their birth?
  • Doesn’t this clearly speak about the government’s inability to protect its own citizens from traffickers? Answer Yourself…
“Ensure Women a safe space

Dear government, Do you want to protect women? Get your senses right. Ensure women a safe space, encourage them to fly high, support them being independent, regulate the recruitment agencies, enforce strict regulations in airports and borders, launch national campaigns to aware men and women, put protections in places, make strong laws that don’t discourage women rather encourages them, but, most importantly, treat women respectfully, include them in decision-making processes, and enact constitutional provisions that guarantee equal and fair treatment of all citizens and call for ending gender-based discrimination. Women are the lead generation of the bright nation in the coming future. We must give priority to women. Once you are aware of the woman to stand with them for lead generation. You will grow up with the lead of success. Just A Fictional Story!!

Stand with women!! Government must ensure women a space to fly high.

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