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Cyber Security In Nepal: Rules | Policy | Guidelines.


Cyber Security In Nepal: The journey of information technology, which started with the use of technology, has recently come to an end. Most of the activities and activities in the area appear to be information-based. National Communications Policy, 2049, Telecommunications Act, 2053, and Telecommunications Regulation, 2054 came into force. It has entered the telecommunications sector of its counting part. Estd. 2057 or applicable The Information Information Policy is aimed at achieving the broader goals of the country. The fact that the rupee has established and has postponed. Similarly, the use of information technology is social Information presentation with the goal of achieving and achieving the goals of economic growth. Policy, 2067 was issued. Use of the said policy information Information Security Statistics It is a fact that the issue of strengthening confidentiality has raised.

The plans are focus on the security situation. Struggled With the increasing use of information technology so far, some efforts have made in the field of cybersecurity. There are new challenges to cybersecurity. Rising cyberspace is under control. Information Security System Security Requirement.


1. BackGround || Cyber Security In Nepal

Social media, public services, and information, along with information technology. Ensuring governance and transparency through the use of information technology as the process changes. Effective general management is expecting. With the advent so far in Information technology, increasing use, and dynamics of information systems, the unparalleled access to information systems. Problems are increasing so far day by day.

Operation of the state system, management of the strikes, The day-to-day operations of the public service are dependent on information technology. The security of the ongoing information system is becoming more and more challenging. Was national To protect against the scourge of the international information system. It has become essential for women to live in peace. From the information processing system In order to prevent possible damage, minimization and corruption can avoid. The National Policy on Safeguards Security has revised for the first time.

2. Present Situation || Cyber Security In Nepal

According to the National Requirement of Nepal, the information system has expanded and expanded. Due to Accurate and Simple Access, Civil Wellfair Satunji Ganitha National Strategy Information Center High utilization has included in the state policy. With the advent of information technology and the increasing use of cybersecurity research, Information for the purpose of minimizing the impact and providing adequate cybersecurity. Performance Assistance Group Operation and Management Directive, 2075 It is implementing so far. Under the auspices of the report, the National Information Agency provides emergency assistance With the formation of the National Information Technology Emergency Response Team so far. The National Directorate of Security Security Center has been set up by the same government. Information technology systems are constantly evolving.

3. Leads and challenges || Cyber Security In Nepal

Information and Communication is a World Wide Web and the Security of the World Wide Web. There is a lot of interest. Information technology systems are updated daily Cyber is triage in the country and beyond so far. In particular, the National Information System The following are the results of such non-nationalized efforts to reach out to the international community The challenges have been overcome:

  • Accurate access to information and statistics as well as universal, professional and To control the unauthorized access to personal information.
  • Institutions for the reduction of information and systems in the information system. And to make arrangements for the structure.
  • To ensure efficient security for the safety of the people.
  • Coordinate and coordinate with other international organizations on the issue of security.

4. The need for a new policy || Cyber Security In Nepal

High utilization of information technology as the Global Village continues to grow. Achieving the goals of economic and social transformation is the policy and institution of the people. The damage is inadequate. To make cybersecurity strong and capable Necessary institutional and structural arrangements have been made. Cybersecurity in our context is new and the world is becoming more and more challenging so far. Due to the Lack of skilled manpower required in this field, lack of more public services Tadkaro rupee has been given. Increasing cyber and internationalization due to control The only expected achievement is the support and cooperation of the people.

Cyber ​​Security, Protection of Boulder Property, Other Area Security, Security Representation by addressing issues such as sensitivity and convergence. Use of high-quality information technology to adapt to changing environment. Promoting good governance, and cybersecurity policy, institutional, operational and advocacy Realize the need so far for a new cybersecurity policy as measures need taking immediately.

5. Divine thinking:

Personal, business and government-friendly, safe and secure Resilient Cyber ​​Space.

6. Scenario:

Institutional and legal framework for the protection of information and information systems so far. From the combination of achievement, perseverance, and empowerment, while distinguishing between inferiority and inferiority. Minimize the potential damage to cyberspace.

7. Goals:

  • Future, safe, and sustainable cyberspace development for the future. Legal arrangements count;
  • For the next five years, full, safe, and secure cyberspace development Establishing institutional and organizational backgrounds;
  • Reducing cybersecurity to produce less efficient energy;
  • To co-operate with the international community.

8. Purpose:

  • To create safe, secure, and flexible cyberspace and to make the region international. Strengthening the legal / policy system.
  • Institutional and organizational structures for the security of information and information systems.
  • Strengthen cyberspace to enhance cyberspace Disadvantages of Disability Production and Functioning in the Security Sector.
  • Focusing on global cybersecurity strategies and such strategies. Collaborate with international, regional, and international organizations so far.

9. Strategy:

  • Legislation and standards required to create safe, secure, and flexible cyberspace.
  • Information and Information Technology System Security and International Curriculum Base Institutional and organizational structures will be strengthened.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity by building a strong and secure environment, standards, and procedures.
  • To produce efficient energy related to cybersecurity.
  • Understanding the security awareness situation.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity with other international organizations for assistance.
  • Creating a full-fledged online space.

10. Legal system || Cyber Security In Nepal

Necessary arrangements for cybersecurity were made to prevent cyber problems. In order to ensure a civilized state, the legal and legal structures are integrated into one unit. We Will Review The Security Act and other necessary laws will enact. The National Trade Transactions Act will amend in accordance with international standards. Difficult so far in cybersecurity law:

  • Difficulties in accessing the security of services provided by sensitive service providers.
  • It may be difficult for the region to participate and contribute to the development of the region so far.
  • The availability of the required audience may be difficult.
  • Nepotism government and administrative issues can be difficult to resolve.
  • Efficient management of cybersecurity can be difficult.

This policy will be reviewed nationally every five years. Policy The Ministry of Information and Communication will be responsible for evaluating the implementation of the Act.

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