Covid-19 Condition In Nepal Reality Reveals!!

Covid-19 Condition: ** YOU WON’T BE SPARED **

**You Won’t Be Spared**

Covid-19 Condition In Nepal:

Covid-19 Condition outbreak in Nepal is in a very serious phase that you won’t be spared of following things. Facebook: ClickMe!

  1. When the country needed a strong team of leaders in the government. And you introduced and persisted with a group of selfish, unaware, unskilled, unthoughtful, and incompetent leaders into the leading positions. YOU WON’T BE SPARED.
  2. When the country was burning with the deadly wave of the ongoing pandemic. And you were busy playing politics, you were busy ensuring the stability of your political power. Not even realizing what your roles were to contain the virus. YOU WON’T BE SPARE.
  3. When the governments worldwide are trying to ensure a strong healthcare system for their citizens, ensure enough covid vaccines to minimize the effects of the pandemic. And you are busy spreading sickness of your own – a sickness of unnecessary competition and toxic politics. YOU WON’T BE SPARE.
  4. When the citizens are suffering from a deadly combination of pandemic and economic insecurities. And you are busy fooling people around with false claims and unrealistic exaggerations. YOU WON’T BE SPARE.
  5. When the people are hopeful that things will eventually settle down but aren’t sure if they will be alive too. And you are busy celebrating the appointment of a criminal to a very responsible position in the country. YOU WON’T BE SPARE.
  6. When the world is pleading and moving forward toward a shared goal of ensuring gender equality and social inclusion. And you are busy declaring committees that comprise incompetent, retirement-aged, and single-gendered folks coming mostly from privileged backgrounds. YOU WON’T BE SPARE.
  7. When governments worldwide announced relief packages for their people, you were busy claiming not to be in a state to do so. You left thousands stranded on street, thousands affected financially and not able to pay their rent or pay for food, saw hundreds of businesses collapse, and didn’t even feel ashamed to prolong lockdown calling it to be a viable solution. YOU WON’T BE SPARED…………………………………the list just goes on and on!! Covid-19 Condition!!
People life’s Matter- They Need Food

Covid-19 worse condition yet to come:

When the entire country believed in a prosperous and stably accelerating future after the declaration of the constitution and the introduction of stable government. And you ensured that you, your selfish ideologies, your political party, your political peers, and your brand of politics keep the country moving sluggishly with you benefitting and the general public still struggling to survive. Don’t mistake this post as a rant against you and your allies. it’s a statement being made. A statement that clearly speaks about how incompetent you have been and how adjusting we have been throughout. Not anymore though, You won’t spare anymore.

People’s Mistake:

When I can’t speak of people who seem to have the same problem, yet dare to choose the same representatives. That will now use my right to vote to elect a plausible set of people who are competent enough to manage and run the government. I know one vote might not be enough but will be enough to make the slightest of a difference. While I had a lot to say looking at the current situation and its underlying effects, I don’t want to keep ranting. Here’s what this post is all about: as much as people have struggled for food, shelter, healthcare, support, and for things more than just false assurances, you will struggle for votes, at least of rational individuals who dare to comprehend the situation wisely. so,

Realize The Importance

Despite knowing all of this, if so-called public intellectuals bestow you another term and add another few years to your tyranny, you have the absolute right to make people go through all the chaos, misery, and instability all over again, but I doubt that now. The pandemic has widely exposed your incompetence and has spoken of your incapability to lead a fragile nation like ours. I am hopeful, the people will realize the importance of the public sector that adequately managed and all that begins with voting for the right candidate.

Let Me Remind You Again:

Let me remind you again, you won’t spare. We are gonna make sure you and your allies struggle as much as we are doing right now. The youths and rational individuals of this nation are preparing for an ambush against your tyranny, equipping themselves with rage and strength to fight against your pre-existing unstable, incompetent government. The war on instability and fake assurances of the government and its selfish, outdated, and incomprehensive policies have already begun.

We Are Still Unloading Weapons

And, we are still unloading the weapons — weapons of consciousness, rationality, and great concern for this beautiful yet misguided nation — collectively from our powerful arsenal, and we shall use those weapons for the perennial prosperity of our nation. The synergic change has begun – a change for the greater good and a prosperous Nepal. so, Covid-19 worse condition yet to come:

Disclaimer:- This article doesn’t deal to target any people or Government. This is a fact of the ongoing condition of Nepal according to a survey of Reporters.

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