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SEE Update 2077 From Nepal Examination Board

Nepal Education Board

SEE Update 2077: Due to the corona pandemic, The Secondary Education Examination(SEE) was going to held on Chaitra. It was then postponed to Jestha. Again, The second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak came across with serious issue evolution in Nepal. So, The Nepal Examination Board (NEB), Who has decided to conduct the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2077 postponed all the examinations until further notice.

Nepal Education Board(NEB), Sanothimi, Kathmandu
NEPAL EXAMINATION BOARD(NEB) || Sanothimi, Kathmandu.

Secondary Education Examination(SEE) Meeting On May 29th, Saturday

Since The covid-19 outbreak in Nepal is out of control in Nepal. So, Nepal Education Board says, It is impacting a lot in the Education system. And decisions regarding this should made as soon as possible. Due to delayed decision regarding conducting of different level of examinations. That resulting in students to suffer major problems and depressing them inside.

So, Nepal Education Board came across with decision to conduct Secondary Education Examination(SEE) 2077 through an Alternative Assessment Method.

Conclusion: The postponed Secondary Examination(SEE)2077 will conduct through Alternative Assessment Method.

Chandra Mani Poudel Statement:

Chairperson Of Nepal Education Board: Chandra Mani Poudel said that we have forwarded the recommendation statement to the Ministry Of Education, Singhadurbar, Katmandu to conduct the Secondary Education Examination(2077) through the Alternative Assessment Method.

As the final decision regarding the Secondary Education Examination(SEE) conducting is taken my “Ministry Of Education”. So, The Secondary Education Examination is held with the decision of MOE.

As, per the decision made on the basis of the report submitted by the task force. The “Ministry Of Education”, recommended conducting the Secondary Education Examination(SEE) through the Alternative Assessment Method.

Chandra Mani Poudel, Chairperson of Nepal Education Board said, “We get approval from Ministry Of Education to conduct Secondary Education Examination through Alternative Assessment Method.”The final decision was to be made by the Ministry Of Education for further implementation of conducting the examination. And, The decision gets approved and Secondary Education Examination will conduct through the Alternative Assessment Method. As said by Chandra Mani Poudel, Chairperson of (NEB)

More Information Regarding SEE And Class-12

The group discussion meeting formed under the chairmanship of the Director Of the Ministry Of Education and Human Resource Development Center. On Thursday, 28th May 2021, Vaikuntha Prasad Aryal had submitted a report to the board with the option of Class 12 and Secondary Education Examination(SEE).

On Friday, 29th May 2021

When Nepal Education Board received the report submitted by Vaikuntha Prasad Aryal on Thursday. The Nepal Education Board started the discussion on the modalities of the examination as per the meeting held on Friday. The meeting team had suggested the Nepal Education Board for conducting the examination assessing the corona infection rate and environment.

As the risk of corona outbreak increased across our country. So, Nepal Education Board had postponed the pre-scheduled exam of class 12 and the Secondary Education Examination(SEE) on 12th April 2021. Before the second wave of Covid-19 came across to our country, the board had made public the examination schedule. With their said, The Secondary Examination Board(SEE) was to take from 13th Jestha and the 12th class from 26th Jestha. But could not able to conduct in a given interval of time due to corona outbreak in Nepal.

Class-12 Examination Update:

Chandra Mani Poudel, Chairperson of Nepal Education Board. He said, “No immediate decision will appreciate for conducting the Class-12 examination”. Chandra Mani Poudel says, “From few days Corona infection increasing rate in Nepal has been declining”. So, we have been waiting for some time for a decision regarding Class-12. As the Class-12 examination has concern value worldwide. So most probably the examination will held physically. He even said, “the class-12 examination can conduct after few months as well. Most probably, The examination should conduct before August 2021, said Chandra Mani Poudel.

Conclusion: The final decision from Nepal Education Board regarding conducting the Class-12th examination is yet to come. But The decision will come across on the method of conducting the class-12 examination soon. Secondary Education Exam(SEE) conduct through Alternative Assessment Method.

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