Birgunj Narayani Hospital: Needs To Improve

Birgunj Narayani Hospital Needs Better Leadership: It is easy to understand from the local media that people are facing problem has started again and leadership is not good at Narayani Hospital. Misunderstandings between some of the hospital’s ‘celebrity’ doctors are affecting the hospital as a whole.

Birgunj Narayani Hospital
Narayani Hospital Of Birgunj

Madan Upadhyaya

When Madan Upadhyaya was the Medical Superintendent, there was strong opposition from the people of Birgunj during Covid-19. And there was an attempt to smear black ink. Then Sanjay Thakur came and he was initially welcomed by some local journalists and engineers. But later, Sanjay Thakur became as bad as Madan Upadhyay and once again Birgunj opposed Mesu and demanded his resignation.

Birgunj People Mistake:

During this 2 year interval, 3 Mesu changed. We, the people of Birgunj, are probably happy with this. But even after these 3 Mesu changes, what has changed in Narayani Hospital? Why are we, the people of Birgunj, rejoicing in the small things and ignoring the big things? It is human nature to humiliate and enjoy those younger than oneself. That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Challengers Suffered By Birgunj, Narayani Hospital

Now our Parsa district is also plagued by the biggest epidemic in the world. After all, the people’s representatives who won here have joined the people by taking the reins of this epidemic ?? Where are the 4 MPs of Parsa and 8 members of the State Assembly ?? How satisfactory is the work done by the people’s representatives of the municipalities of this district ?? Why don’t we oppose them ?? Did anyone ask for resignation ?? It is wrong to oppose even an employee like Mesu, but we will not progress by ignoring the people’s representatives in the leadership.

If the organizations here can do better, the people’s representatives can do more than that. We have to accept our cowardice and demand change on a big scale and not on small things. Birgunj Needs A Better Leadership. Stand Our For its right Birgunjians.

Sano Paila Statement On Narayani Hospital, Birgunj

Sano Paila: The Covid Kitchen will not stop at Narayani Hospital. We are here, said Sano Paila. A reputed Non-Profit Organization Of Nepal. A small step has been taken in anticipation of Dr. Uday Singh’s support in this regard. We would like to inform the hospital administration that if for any reason it is difficult to run Covid Kitchen, the small step is ready for selfless help. The hospital is happy to operate Covid Kitchen free of charge if it deems it necessary. We are always here to serve victims and privileged people who are suffering in this ongoing pandemic.

Sano Paila Helps Narayani Hospital With Medical Equipments

‘Medical equipment assistance to Narayani Hospital with 3 more ventilators’. Sano Paila has handed over 3 more high-flow nasal cannula non-invasive ventilators to Narayani Hospital in Birgunj. This type of ventilator helps to provide oxygen at high speed to patients with respiratory problems. At the same time, the number of ventilators in Narayani Hospital has reached 21. Saroj Roshan Das has informed so far. Earlier, on April 29, 2078, Sano Paila had provided 6 Bi-PAP ventilators to Narayani Hospital.

Sano Paila Message To all Privileged and suffering People. With the second wave of corona infections, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. Restrictions are currently in place in various districts to prevent the spread of the infection. Due to the ban, it is not easy for people to reach the hospital for health treatment. It is difficult to get treatment even after reaching there. With this in mind, we are providing free telemedicine facility. If you suspect a coronavirus infection or any other health problem, get free treatment by calling the Sano paila numbers. Stay safe, stay healthy.


We convey three main messages from this incident: First, no individual should ever be taken to a height. When an individual reaches a height, it first breaks that height. Second: He who raises the individual to that height hurts him by dropping him from there. Third, it falls on its own. Perhaps Amanepali is feeling the same way as Narayani Hospital “

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