Jyoti Shah Social Activist: Member of 100’s Group Parsa

Jyoti Shah: A young Social Activist member of reputed Non-Profit Organization of Nepal i.e 100’s Group “Parsa”. A youth from Lal parsa Birgunj, recently living in Murli, Birgunj. She is a Brave, Fearless, Helpful, and Courageous Girl among the whole of Birgunj city. She is the only girl from Birgunj who is a member of 100’s Group Parsa. 100’s Group is a very reputed Non-Profit Organization of Nepal. Girl involvement in the development field is necessary where we observe the lack of Girl Involvement. But Social Activist Jyoti Shah should be appreciated for her active Social involvement to help our society.

In spite of thinking, I am an alone girl to be a member of 100’s Group Parsa, her straightforward vision to help needy people is priceless. She believes, seeing a happy face on privileged people heals my all problems, and my face cheers with a smile. She is now actively working in 100’s group Parsa.

Talking about 100’s Group Parsa

100’s Group Parsa: A reputed Non-Profit Organization of the branch “Parsa, Birgunj” is actively working to feed needy and privileged people. On May 12th, 2021, 100’s Group Parsa started a campaign to serve food to needy and privileged people, and good to know that the campaign is successfully working till now. It has been 18days till now for an active campaign to feed people. And with their said, The campaign to serve people will be continued actively till lockdown. Really great work from 100’s Group Parsa. You are giving life to people. And also 100’s Group is proud and very thankful to Jyoti Shah, for her active participation beyond thinking an alone Girl member from 100’s Group Parsa.

Covid-19 Challenges For Jyoti Shah

Where there is a huge threat of COVID-19 Pandemic all over the country all others are busy to save their lives by own but respect to Jyoti Shah who herself chose to be safe and to keep safe others also. Jyoti shah is a very active member of 100’s Group Parsa. She doesn’t serve only the needy, even she serves humanity which is being extinct from humans. At the age where most of the girls choose to have makeup and pass their time on social media but this girl chooses to put on a mask on her face, gloves on hand, and courage in the heart to pull out the bravery. She serves in many places as a social worker from distributing snacks to the policemen during the day till serve the food to the poor and needy ones at the late nights too.

Social Activist Jyoti Shah distributing food to Police.

She doesn’t fears of being infected by corona, her only saying is,

“if i can do something for my nation and people who are in need, then I’m the luckiest person ever on the land”.

She doesn’t hold a doctor or a nurse degree but, she really does holds what a human needs to be. A pure and very active as well as sharp-minded intelligent girl is raising her hands in the field of “SOCIAL WORK”.

Let’s wish her the best of luck for the upcoming days || Let’s wish her a safe journey ahead. And let’s encourage her bravery and courage. A huge Respect to Ms.Jyoti Shah. Jay 100’s Group Parsa || Jay_Nepal

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