What is Google Web Stories? | Features, Benefits and Many More

Google Web Stories

If you want to know what is Google Web Stories then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will explain to you the Google Web Stories in detail.

Google always tries to improve its user’s experiences and to do this, Google used to do many updates in itself. This time Google has launched a new feature which is known as Google Web Stories which is the new way to drive traffic to our website.

Now Google has also started its WordPress Plugin for Web Stories which has made it very easy to use this new feature.

Google Web Stories

So, let’s get started to know about Google Web Stories without wasting your precious time.

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories was launched 2 years before with the name of Stories of the Web. But then it was not so good. Now Google has changed its name to Google Web Stories and also added various new features in it. It is like the Instagram story.

Because Google has also launched WordPress Plugin, it became very easy for most of the users to use this Web Stories feature.

If we understand it in a simple language then Google Web Stories is a Visual Storytelling platform. It will be visible in Google search results to the users. If users will tap on this then it will open in their mobile’s or desktop’s fullscreen and they will experience it.

Stories made in Google Web Stories will be visible in Google Images, Google Discover, and Google Apps which will drive traffic to the website.

Every Google Web Story can contain a maximum word length of 10 and at least 4 pages should be there in your web story and a maximum of 30 pages should be there. You can add only one link to a web store.

We think you might have aware of what is Google Web Stories. Now let’s talk about its plugin.

How to use Google AMP Web Stories?

First, let us make you understand what is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. Which is also a form of Google Web Stories. Google launched Stories of the Web 2 years before. But, at that time it was not so special.

But on today’s date, it is really awesome. The good thing about bloggers is that they can use this feature with the help of a WordPress Plugin. Bloggers can make Google Web Stories by using the WordPress plugin. It is very easy to make a web story. It is almost the same as making Facebook or Instagram stories.

How to make Google Web Stories with WordPress plugin?

If you are a blogger then you can use this plugin to make web stories. You can easily download this plugin from the plugin section of WordPress. You can search “Web Stories” in the plugin section to install this plugin.

Web Stories WordPress Plugin
Web Stories WordPress Plugin

There is not only this plugin for making Google Web Stories. We personally use a WordPress plugin by MakeStories.io.

This plugin is very good for doing SEO for your web stories. It has all the features that Google’s Web Stories plugin has. To install this plugin, you can search for “Makestories” in the WordPress Plugin section.

MakeStories WordPress Plugin
MakeStories WordPress Plugin

Google Web Stories Benefits

  • Fast Contents Procedure: Whatever content you publish on your website in 1000 of words, you can publish those content on Google Web Stories in just 10 Words. User will come to your blog post by reading the headlines and they will also share it.
  • Share Content: Google Web Stories is a short content like visually image or video. It can be share easily. Anyone can easily share or embed on their Apps or Websites.
  • Analytics Tools: You can slo track the traffic which will drive on Web Stories with the help of Google Analytics or Facebook’s Pixel by inserting your tracking ID.
  • Fast Loading: Stories are always a fast content because it share knowledge quickly in short period of time and it can be created and publish in very short period of time.
  • Flexible: Google Web Stories layout templates, UI controls and components, these all are flexible which are use in sharing stories.

How to use Google Web Stories?

As we told you that you can maximize your traffic with the help of Google Web Stories. In this, you don’t have to do much work. You have to just create a story with the help of plugin in which there should be some information related to any article.

After making a story when you publish it then it will go to different platforms of Google. If you have the approval of Google News then your story will also publish on Google News.

If you want then you can also embed your story in any of your articles by using its embed code. It is similar to embedding a YouTube video.

If you want to add video in your Google Web Stories then you should know about some points which are given below:

  • Length: Your video length should not be more than 15 seconds.
  • Frame: Your video should be in Potrait Mode, not in Landscape Mode. Google will only show your video on fullscreen if your video will be in Potrait Mode.
  • Subtitles: Your every video should have captions in it. So that users can watch the video as well as read the captions of the video. Captions in video are made mandatory because sometimes users are in public places where they can’t listen your video in loud sound so at that time they can understand the video by reading its captions.
  • Text: Google has set minimum font size requirement of 24 on every page. There should not be more than 200 characters on every page.

How to Make Money from Google Web Stories?

There are various ways of monetizing Google Web Stories which are given below:

  • Story Ads: Story Ads is a single page ad which appears on fullscreen in between. Likewise, we monetize our blog with Google Adsence, Story Ads also monetize Google Web Storie sin the sam way. Because Google Web Stories is a product of Google, the ads which will show that will be of Google Ad Manager and Google DV360.
  • Affiliate Links: To monetize your Google Web Stories, you can insert your affiliate links in Web Stories. Whenever someone will buy any products or services through your affiliate link, you will make commission on each sale. It is one of the most effective way to make huge amount of money in less time.
  • Article Promotion: You can easily drive traffic on your article with the help of your Web Stories. If you have design your Google Web Stories in appealing way then you can drive traffic to your article and covert the visitors into leads.

Can we use Google Web Stories only on WordPress?

So far Google Web Stories is only available for WordPress. If you want to use Google Web Stories on other platforms then it is not available on any other platform. You have to use WordPress to use Google Web Stories.

There might be possible that Google may find some solution for the users who are on other platforms so that they can also utilize Web Stories advantage.


We have discussed Google Web Stories, Features, benefits, and many more topics regarding Google Web Stories in this article.

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We hope you might have understood everything about Google Web Stories. If you still have doubts then feel free to comment down below and let us know your doubts. We will surely try our best to answer all of your doubts.

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