What is Share Market in Nepal? How to invest in Share Market?



Share Market

Share Market is the place where buyer is available to buy shares or stocks of any company and seller is available to sell the shares or stocks of any company.


Types of Share Market

There are two types of market in share market: They are:

1. Primary Market
2. Secondary Market


In Primary Market, we can only buy shares. We can't sell it in primary market. We apply for IPO, FPO and Right Shares in primary market.

1. Primary Market:


2. Secondary Market:

Secondary Market is the market place where public company shares are bought and sold by the investors.


How to invest in Share Market in Nepal?

To start investing, we have to do following things. SWIPE>>


1. Open a Bank Account

Bank account is not only required to apply for IPOs or for buying or selling stocks but it is also required to keep the cash which companies provides you as dividend.


2. Create a Demat Account

Demat is very basic requirement in share market. It must require in order to invest in share market. Demat account the account where all your shares will be stored. 


3. Get CRN Number Registered from Bank

For CRN Number, You just need to fill a very simple form in order to get your CRN Number registered from your bank.


4. Open Meroshare Account

Meroshare is a platform from where we can apply for shares online. We don’t need to visit bank to apply for the IPOs. 


5. Apply for IPO

Now you can apply for IPO by sitting in your home. To get updates regarding upcoming IPOs and Shares, Join our Telegram Channel: 

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6. Open Trading Account

Trading account is require to sell and buy stocks in secondary market. It is mandatory to open trading account through one of the brokers that are licensed by SEBON.



We hope this guide for share market have cleared all your doubts and made enough for you to enter the Nepali Share Market.

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