What is Google Web Stories? | Features, Benefits and Many More



Google Web Stories

If we understand it in a simple language then Google Web Stories is a Visual Storytelling platform. It will be visible in Google search results to the users.


How to use Google AMP Web Stories?

You can make Google Web Stories with the help of WordPress Plugin.
Some Plugins are:
1. Web Stories (By Google)
2. MakeStories (By MakeStories.io)


Read Terms in Detail

1. Fast Content Procedure
2. Share Content
3. Analytics Tools
4. Fast Loading
5. Flexible

Google Web Stories Benefits


How to use Google Web Stories?

Video Length: Less than 15 seconds. 

Text: Font-Size > 24 & Characters < 200

Subtitles: Subtitles in Video

Video Frame: Potrait Mode


Google Web Stories Monetization

1. Story Ads

3. Article Promotion

2. Affiliate Links


Can we use Google Web Stories only on WordPress?

 If you want to use Google Web Stories on other patform then it is not available on any other platform. You have to use WordPress to use it.



We have discussed about Google Web Stories. If you want to know in more detail then read our complete detailed article on Google Web Stories.