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web 3.0 crypto projects

Web 3.0 (How Web 3.0 works, Web 3.0 Security, Web 3.0 Crypto Projects, Web 3.0 Crypto adoption)

At this time, the World is growing at a very high speed. Every day new things are coming out. If we talk about the Cryptocurrency field, many people were unknown about Decentralised finance, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Metaverse is booming right now.

In between these, a big technology is coming out which is Web 3.0. It might be new to hear. But we can surely say that Web 3.0 will totally change the internet in the World. Your ears might not believe it because you are using the internet for a very long time. And in your point of view, the internet which we are using is the advanced version of the internet. But we want to make it clear that, this time there are many errors on the internet that we are using right now. From time to time everything updates. Likewise, your apps, house, and vehicle upgrades, in the same way, the internet should be upgraded.

web 3.0 crypto projects

After listening about Web 3.0, you might think that there must be Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. So, you are absolutely right. Before explaining to you about Web 3.0, let us explain to you about Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

What is Web 1.0?

We want to take you behind in 1991. From 1991 to 2004, Web 1.0 was working. At that time, we were using a static website. Whatever was getting published on the internet was static which means we used to only see the content. We weren’t able to do any interaction or reply on the website that we can easily do today. There was only one-side interaction. Whatever was written on the internet, that was moving forward.

What is Web 2.0?

In 2004, a new web was introduced that was Web 2.0. After Web 2.0, many things changed on the internet. Different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter came on the internet. These all social media platforms work on two-way interactions which means we can easily interact with these platforms. When someone will do any post, we can react and comment on it. If any blog is published on the website, we can easily reply to the blog. Web 2.0 is all about two-way interaction.

Web 2.0 is currently in use which was started in 2004. But this internet system has some errors. There are so many rumors that have come out. The big companies especially social media platforms have data about their users and they use it to sell their user’s data to many big companies and politicians. These data can be used for doing good as well as bad things with those users at any time. There is one more big error in Web 2.0, the internet connectivity can be stopped anywhere and the user’s data can be utilized in any way.

This means two big concerns in Web 2.0. First is, Protection and second is Data Problem. These two are very big concerns regarding Web 2.0. There was a big discussion on maintaining data privacy. For solving these errors, Web 3.0 has come to remove those weaknesses.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a project where the whole world will use the internet in a Decentralised way. Nowadays, when we upload any content on any platform on the internet then our content is stored in the server of that particular platform. The server is owned by a particular company and they can take any decision regarding our content without our permission. If they can easily delete our content, they can easily take down our profiles or channel whatever it is. This all is because we are using their server to store our content.

For example, if we talk about YouTube, YouTube can take down our channel or videos without our permission. YouTube has already done this with its many users. Even this type of activity is also done by Facebook. Facebook also removes anyone’s profile without their permission. These all things happen because all these data are stored in a particular company’s server which comes under the company. They can control it in their own way.

How Web 3.0 Works?

After the launching of Web 3.0, all weaknesses of Web 2.0 will be over. Whatever data will upload on the internet will divide in a decentralized way in the Blockchain. And in the future, as many users will be using the internet, they will be running all those platforms.

For example, YouTube is a Centralised platform and in the future, if any other decentralized platform will come that will be similar to YouTube then their data will store in a decentralized form. If any of their users will upload any video, that video will store near the users of that platform instead of any server that will own by any particular authority.

Likewise, in Bitcoin, if anyone wants to send bitcoin to anyone then a miner solves the algorithm in between. For this, they earn rewards in the form of some Bitcoin. In the same way, all the systems will be in a decentralized form. If anyone will upload or download anything, then that transaction will root on the Blockchain. In exchange for it, the people who will be working there will get the reward in the form of that cryptocurrency which will be the native token of that particular platform.

Web 3.0 Security

Talking about the security layer of Web 3.0, there will not be possible to hack Web 3.0 system security. It will also not be possible to breach data. By chance, if any hacker may hack someone’s system then the hacker can only corrupt that particular file of that user but the whole data of that user will be safe in one place. After Web 3.0, there will not be possible to take anything in corruption. Web 3.0 will empower the world instead of any particular company which is currently going on. Thus, the whole world will grow equally.

To operate Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency will play the main for it. Without cryptocurrency, it will not be possible to operate any decentralized system. Because when a decentralized system operates, there are many people who participate in it to operate it. They participate in it because they earn something as a reward for doing it.

Web 3.0 Crypto Projects

Now, the questions come to our mind What are those Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency projects that will boom in the future. There are some cryptocurrency projects which have built to operate Web 3.0.

The whole internet may shift to Web 3.0 in the upcoming 5 to 7 years. If we invest in the Web 3.0 crypto projects then we will make a very good amount of money in the future. So, here we will discuss some of the projects that work on Web 3.0. Although there are many projects, we will only discuss the top 5 projects.

  1. Helium: The frist project is Helium. Helium is one of the main exclusive project of Web 3.0. Its price is currently around $29. This support Web 3.0 on very high level. Whenever a file will transfer from one to another level, there helium works on high level.
  2. Filecoin: The next project is Filecoin. It is clear with the name of it that it is something related to file or data transfer. When a file is transfer from one system to another, the record will be store in Blockchain that which user have home much data and content store that all file will be code with the Blockchain. This project will give rewards for it. When one transaction and another transaction will be complete in the form of file then the reward will be in the form of Filecoin. This project is so solid. All this is around $237 but currently it is trading around $39. Filecoin project is solid for long term considering Web 3.0.
  3. Polkadot: The next project is our favourite Polkadot. It is currently trading around $26. $55 is its all time high price. But if we say you that cryptocurrency without Polkadot is incomplete. When other name somes after Ethereum in list of solid projects then its Polkadot. Ethereum is obly able to work on daps and decentralized projects but Polkadot complete all the weaknesses which are in Ethereum. Even the transaction fee is very low in Polkadot due to which people quickly adopts the Blockchain of Polkadot. Even it completes 1000 transactions per second. To create the ecosystem of Web 3.0, it properly suits Web 3.0 and fully support it.
  4. Kusama: If we are talking about Polkadot then we can’t forget about Kusama which is a very exclusive project of Web 3.0. Kusama also works in same way as Polkadot works. The things that Polkadot does not supports where Kusama supports it. Even Kusama’s all the high is $623 but currently it is trading around $293. It has limited supply. If you are thinking to invest in Web 3.0 crypto projects then this might give you a very good return.
  5. Ocean Protocol: The project that comes at fifth place in our list is Ocean Protocol. To develop whole ecosystem, to transfer data from one place to another, and if your data is on 100 systems and if it corrupts on only one system then Ocean Protocol works to resolves these problems. Even along with this there are so many features in Ocean Protocol.

These are some of the best Web 3.0 crypto projects which may give you good returns in the future. If you have the interest to invest in Web 3.0 crypto projects then consider these projects.


In this article, we discussed Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and future internet Web 3.0. We deeply looked into Web 3.0, how it works, its Security layer and we also discuss some Web 3.0 crypto projects.

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