Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches in June 2021

Upcoming Mobile PhoneTop 10 Mobile Phone: As of we all know that all of us need smartphones that are of the best quality possible under our own respective budgets. Mobile phones have become an important part of almost everyone’s life here in this Today’s world and we cannot imagine a single day or maybe a single hour without our cells or such gadgets. Everything has become online nowadays and online services are expanding day by day in different sectors like media, offices, education, food delivery services, online banking, and trade. So the main point is that we must have a good phone according to our needs and budget.

Here we have come up to help you with some detailed research about the top 10 mobile phones that are to be launched soon in June 2021. Last month, May was a little colder in terms of launching good mobile phones but it may not be the same case this month. || Upcoming Mobile Phone

1. Asus 8Z series (Asus 8Z / Asus 8Z Flip)

Asus 8z Flip

Under Top 10 Mobile Phone, This mobile has launched in other countries with different names in May but it is going to launch in India this June. It may probably launch in the 2nd week but the exact date is not available. But its page had come live saying that it will launch Asus 8Z flip having a flip camera. Some other features are:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 888
  • Camera: Flip
  • Battery: 4000mAh/5000mAh
  • Launch Date: Mid June

Asus Official Site: Click Me!!

2. IQOO Z3


Different phones of IQ have been enlisted on the BIS website but one phone is confirmed to be launched this June that is IQOO Z3. It will be a mid-range phone. The Price will be Around 20 k- 25 k which will be affordable for a common man who needs a good quality phone. It gets good response in the international markets with such quality users. Some of the other features are mentioned below :

  • Processor: Snapdragon 768G
  • Display: 6.58″ FHD+ 120Hz
  • Launch Date: Mid June

iQOO Official Site: Click Me!!

3. OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2

Yes, you are right One plus is again going to launch a new phone in the Nord series. Now the main thing is that it is not confirmed whether it will launch OnePlus Nord 2 or OnePlus Nord. It will be the first time when OnePlus will be in dimensity launching at the June end. One plus has been a very good choice and the users give positive reviews on it. Some other features are :

  • Processor: Dimensity 1200
  • Launch Date: June End

One Plus Official Site: Click Me!!

4. Samsung


Samsung is going to launch for sure in the M series but there is a probability that the A-series phones will also come into the market. A 22 or M 52, one of these, or both can be launched this month. But Samsung M31 is the highest probability among these phones to be launched. Samsung has earned good fame in years for its services. We must have had one of the Samsung phones in our home before, especially in India and Nepal it was quite famous before and again it is creating some good quality mobile gadgets nowadays.

Samsung Official Sites: Click Me!!

5. Vivo V21e

Vivo V21e

Talking about Vivo, it has already launched Vivo V21. But its lighter version is going to launched popularly known as Vivo V21e. All the features of the phone are very good regarding battery, storage, backup, software, and others. It a definite launch this month. Some of the features are mentioned below :

  • Processor: Snapdragon 720G
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Launch Date: Mid June

Vivo Official Sites: Click Me!!

6. Real Me

Realme has launched treasures on Twitter about its two phones (realme X7 Max and realme GT ) Both of these phones are great in terms of the features they have and the services they provide.

Realme Gt

realme GT


  • Processor: MTK D1200 / SD 888
  • Display: 120Hz Super AMoled Screen
  • Camera: 64MP Quad Cameras
  • Launch Date: 31st May

Realme X7 Max

realme x7 max


  • Processor: MTK D1200 / SD 888
  • Display: 120Hz Super AMOLED Screen
  • Launch Date: 31st May

Realme Official Sites: Click Me!!

7. Poco M3 pro 5G

poco M3 pro 5g

One more phone that is coming into the market this month is POCO M3 PRO 5G. It is already globally launched. In Europe this costs 159 euro that is in India it can be available for about Rs. 15 k It is the first 5G phone from POCO.


  • Processor: Dimensity 700
  • Display: 6.5″ FHD+ 90hz
  • Camera: 48MP triple
  • Launch Date: Mid June

Poco Official Site: Click Me!!

8. Oppo Reno 6 series

oppo reno 6 series

It is a camera-centric phone. It is going to be launched on 26th June in China. If you look at its camera, it is like iPhone 12. The back and front are flat along with the camera. It may be launched at the end of June or the first week of July.

  • Launch Date: Mid June

Oppo Official Site: Click Me!!

9. Redmi 10 series

redmi 10 series

It has 6 or 7 variants like Redmi 10, Redmi 10A, Redmi 10i, and others. Redmi note 10 5G is also in the process of getting launch. But it is not sure this month about these. It was said to be Launched at end of May but it didn’t.

Redmi Official Site: Click Me!!

10. Motorola


In recent times Motorola has been continuously rising in the Indian markets. The production of the mobile phones from Motorola offers customer satisfaction with greats features all around and also with the budget price.

Motorola Official Sites: Click Me!!

These are some of the better mobile phones that are going to launch in the month and the year 2021. Here we have included all those phones which can come under your budget. Hope this month we are revolutionary in the mobile markets. || Upcoming Mobile Phone.

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