Nubhiv Upreti Brutally Beaten In Pokhara, Found Dead In Fewa Lake

Nubhiv Upreti

Nubhiv Upreti: Almost one month ago, on the morning of 4 April, a Nepal Army group discovered the body of a youngster close to the Barahi sanctuary in Fewatal. The body was discovered floating in the water is of 18 years old Nubhiv Upreti, of Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

Nubhiv Upreti
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The Gandaki Pradesh Police Office, Pokhara media,  – ‘date on 2078.01.04, roughly ’06: 40 pm, Kaski region situated in the metropolitan – 6 Barahi sanctuary close to Lakeside Lake, between the District Municipality-9, 18 Nijgad A group of Nepal Police and Nepal Army went to the spot and protected the body. Further examination is in progress.

Kaski Police

Police inferred that Nubiv had done suicide. At that point, Kaski police Nubhiv Upreti’s mother Bhimana Mainanli (Bhagwati, Ms. Mainanli Uprety) to get in touch with herself did it. As the body was discovered, he sent an image and requested to recognize it. In the wake of discovering her child, Bhima came to Pokhara with her significant other, brother by marriage and companion. They arrived at the funeral home of the Western Regional Hospital, composed an objection, and recognized Nubhiv Uprety’s body. Watching at the nature of the body, he reasoned that it was not suicide but rather murder. The family so far told that he had been beaten to death after looking for blood coming from his private parts, scars on his neck, blood on his thighs, wounds all over and head, and wounds on his thighs.

Likewise, he mentioned the police to continue with the examination cycle. In any case, from the start, the ward police office, Baidam, wouldn’t document a murder protest. They got so far back to Kathmandu with the body. After seven days, DSP Chinimaya Tamang from Ward Police Office, Baidam would not accepted the report saying that he had done suicide. Last time DSP Tamang was not there, says Inspector Shyam Thapa.

Bhima arrived at the District Police Office

From that point onward, Bhima arrived at the District Police Office, Kaski and met SP Jeevan Kumar Shrestha. She got the assistance of SP, at that point documented an objection. Police started an examination concerning the case and it was at long last uncovered that there was a beating in the lakeside three hours before the body was found. They additionally figured out how to capture three individuals engaged with the beating. Every one of the three are right now in care. Police have made a move against him.

Nubhiv Upreti families do not believe. The family has complained that the police did not examine to collect solid proof even after a month. “Does the police think that there is no necessary to examine if suicide is announced?” Other adults or relative members involved in the incident? Even police saw bleeding which was due to beating then why was it called suicide? The main thing is even later on finding Nubiv’s body from the phone used by Nubiv, a friend has called. Lost mobile? ‘ – Mother Bhima has a question.

Police say there is no carelessness in the investigation. Police officials said, “In a few days, those involved in the beating have been arrested and legal action has also been taken against them.” How can the police not cooperate? ‘

As per the police, the missile was ready and sent to the government prosecutor’s office on Sunday and afterward went to court. It is said that the discussion will begin in a few days. The victim’s mom Bhima has come to Pokhara and recorded a FIR against the three on April 8. Also, the legitimate interaction has pushed ahead.

Nubhiv Upreti: Three youngsters from Gharipatan, Pokhara arrested

The three youngsters who beat Nubhiv Upreti around evening time are presently under the custody of the police. They are Khotang, Anselukharka town region ward no. 2 houses Kaski Pokhara Ward no. 7 Ashish Rai, 18, of Gharipatan, Bigen Gurung, 19, of Syangja Fedikhola, 2, and Basudev Gurung, 19, of Gharipatan, 6, of Syangja Arjun Chaupari. Lakeside Street no. CCTV video shows Nubhiv being beaten to death at 13 Chowk.

The reason for the beating has not been uncovered by the police. Police have just said – ‘It has been uncovered that there was a battle between the three and the perished at the bar. At that point he was beaten. ‘ Nubhiv’s mom Bhima said that the three didn’t know Nubhiv. She was so far cited as saying that she was beaten a few times for three hours. For what reason did an outsider go to Pokhara? He underscored the need to direct research in such manner.

At the point when gotten some information about the demise of the drug addict, Nupribhi’s mom straight denied. Bhima said she never knew and sent a video of her child singing and helping in the kitchen at home. She said – ‘Who did some unacceptable thing? For what reason did you go to Pokhara, father who attended a university? Basically, there isn’t anything wrong with that. There must be an examination about going to Pokhara! Did anybody call? Went with somebody That’s the reason I requested CCTV videos. ‘

Nubhiv Upreti Beaten: At 3:23 AM, April 17, 2021, Lakeside, Street No. 13:

April 16 at 3:23 am Pokhara 6 Lakeside Street no. At 13 a few bikes and private vehicles are running. It is seen that the vehicle of Nepal Police has passed. When he left the vehicle, a youngster wearing a check shirt, a young fellow with hair, wearing a cap and two young fellows wearing a white shirt were going across the street while being kicked, kicked a lot while going across the street. Promptly 3 onlookers proceed to stop. In any event, when a youngster wearing a cap brings a bike, he pivots and kicks. Police didn’t arrive at the spot for 3 minutes. The three aggressors are Ashish Rai, Bigen Gurung and Basudev Gurung. Nubhiv Upreti is beaten.

Nubhiv Upreti: Occurrence information in the expressions of the victim’s mom Bhima Mainalssi:

Despite the fact that I was only 18 years of age, my child Nubhiv Upreti was caring and couldn’t see the struggling of others. He treated everybody well. Is a veggie lover He used to assist me with the kitchen work. He was passionate about music and IT. Playing guitar, singing is his passion. I began considering IT after Plus Two. He made warm water for me on the morning of third April. After he took out my bike, I set off for college at around 9.45 am. He was eating without help from anyone else. At the point when I left, I requested that he purchase a book. I answered that I concentrate in the library in school. I went to Citizen College with my dad around 10:15. Leaving his child, he (Ratna Prasad Upreti) returned.

At the point when he went to bring his child after school, he was unable to discover him. He called me saying that his phone was likewise off. I called Prince Pyakurel Sir in school. He said that Nubiv College has not come today. At that point, I called his dear companion Biplob. He likewise called his different companions with the assistance of the revolution. Meanwhile, I additionally did Nubhiv Upreti many times. His mobile was off. As indicated by his child’s companions, an investigation was done at different spots from Patan Durbar Square till 11 pm. However, not tracked down, nobody announced seeing. From that point onward, I detailed the make a difference to the Jawalakhel police. I got back to inform my companions as to whether I had any information about Nubhiv Upreti.


Where is your father on his WhatsApp at 12:30 pm? I rested to massage. The child sent every information of his mobile password, IME pay and versatile financial passwords in answer to my message the previous evening. I can’t speak Mamu, I am in Pokhara. The message came. I lost. I didn’t see the hotel where I was remaining, I couldn’t have cared less about the police saying that I was beaten, so my child probably felt extremely humiliated.

My brother by marriage said, ‘There is talk in Nijgadh that a body was found in Fewatal in Pokhara.’ At around 8 AM, Buddhisagar Puri, a police inspector from Pokhara, sent a photograph of his child on Viber. We came to Pokhara following finding out about his child’s condition. At the point when I came to Pokhara and reached the Baidam police, I was educated that a dead body had been found floating in the lake. I arrived at the morgue of the Western Regional Hospital. I recognized my child. At first, Hulia filed a complaint. I had never seen the corpse. Nubhiv Upreti


Afterward, when the body of the victim seen, blood move from his private parts, red spots seen on his neck, tutul raise on the rear of his head, feet of his right leg exceptionally swollen and blood spilled on his thighs. Furthermore, I arrived at the resolution that my child was executed due to the wounds. From that point onward, when I attempted to record an objection for examination, it was not suicide but rather obligation.

I at that point got back to Kathmandu and started to comprehend what had occurred on 3 April. Seeing Google Map from his email, the area close to Baba Petrol Pump in Kathmandu has been followed at 2:15 pm. As per the guide, the area of Pokhara was at 12:32 pm simultaneously. The lakeside is apparent until 2:49 p.m. Hotel Dhani says, “he reached up at Hotel Welcome Inn at 9 pm, which reserved his child”. This work ought to have been finished by the police. However, we need to do the investigation. Due to this, There has been no acceptable examination from the police.


The child is in the depository from 10 to 12 at night time. While checking his child’s financial balance, it is seen that he paid Rs 1,000 at Kings Lounge at 12:45 am. I request that King’s Lounge give film of that time. At 6:49 toward the beginning of the day, his companion Sahisnu got a call from his child’s cell phone. He didn’t get up in the first part of the day. While his body was found in Fewatal at 6:40 am, who called after his passing? Furthermore, still the mobile? Police say they don’t have the idea regarding the mobile. The police needed to look for the versatile. I got a message on my mobile at 3:15. 3:18 The message he sent is in English letters with unlimited words. Inside 5 minutes, road no. 13 have been beaten.

At the point when he went to the street, he was seen on CCTV. It tends to be assessed that his child was beaten before that. For what reason wouldn’t he be able to ensure me after he told the police that he had beaten me? He didn’t see the hotel, Keys and packs were additionally left at the hotel. For what reason didn’t the police give any consideration to the bicycle that I didn’t identify? What’s the significance here for the police to be working at night time? For what reason didn’t the police take a gander at the beating? Cops including Inspector Shyam Thapa and SA Kul Prasad Dhakal were on the duty that day. Nubhiv Upreti.


It is said that he attempted to begin the bike (Ga 17 Pa 1198) imagining that he had leased it. Who claims that bike? The police are in a struggle over the issue of bicycles. Due to this information, For what reason can’t the police give CCTV video of Kings Lounge at 12:45 and CCTV video appended to Treasure Lounge Bar? Why not show a bit? The recording showed who was with whom. He has been beaten close to Monday. I have requested that the police give CCTV videos there also.

All I need is that the recording around the Talabarahi sanctuary was quickly removed by the police after the beating that night. The area of Nubiv Lakeside is close by. How could you take him and kill him? We need to realize that. My child is IT taught and savvy. He sent me a password message on his phone saying that he would commit suicide now. As one of his companions Hrithik Jaiswal is likewise perceived to be from Pokhara, there ought to be an examination in such matter. For what reason did the child who exited college come to Pokhara alone? Allow the police to get this. I can discover more on the off chance that it falls into my hands like my child’s phone. In any case, where is my child’s phone which is as yet calling after his passing? The hotel he supposedly reserved is presently alert.


His companions Biplob and Sushant additionally got a call from his child’s phone at around 2 pm. Police said that it was perceived that he was in the fortune club territory at around 3 AM. The recording appears to us likewise shows the police investigating the child, Many different adolescents seen watching. For what reason didn’t the police discover, he had been when he discover dead in Fewatal? It is said that a bike was recruited from the hotel.

A sibling named Saroj Bhattarai saw his child strolling out and about while he was pounding the life out of him. He stopped and called the police. Even after the police came and talked for 7-8 minutes, the blenders were still there yet the police didn’t capture them. Taking a gander at all the occurrences, obviously he was taken to the lake and suffocated, however he has attempted to shroud the way that he sinked. Despite the fact that the three individuals who killed are in under custody now, I have even given a proclamation saying that the examination ought to be made compelling as they are attempting to hide their mistakes by giving us more information. I’m likewise a journalist and producer myself. In the event that individuals like me must be mistreated this way, how could normal individuals get justice?

What does the police say about Nubhi Upreti?

SP Jeevan Kumar Shrestha, (Head, District Police Office, Kaski)

The police have not weakened anyplace. I, when all is said and done, have been sitting in Baidam with the examination groups including DSP Subas and DSP Chinimaya to illuminate them about the advancement regarding our examination. By keeping the three, continuing with the examination process, as should be obvious, the public investigator more likely than not showed up in the workplace today from Baidam. We have investigated strongly to collect proof. The exploration interaction is going on full strength. Since the after death report will be referenced in the missile, lawfully I can’t tell. Indictment from the public investigator’s office is to go to court. There is a circumstance that joint examination is being done from the locale to tight the examination done by the ward. After we have captured three individuals, you should likewise come.

There is something different that we have even called your family. Furthermore, there is even an instance of Kitani objection. Also, it can’t be said that the police didn’t do it.

DSP Subas Hamal (Spokesperson, District Police Office, Kaski)

There isn’t anything wrong with the examination process. By calling the family to Pokhara, I have by and by presented the subtleties of every episode. The case is being taken care of through the Ward Police Office, Baidam. I’m independently employed. Primer examination has uncovered that he was beaten after a contention at the club. In like manner, three people have been captured. Two individuals were captured 3-4 days after the occurrence. The following day, we captured someone else. We have given as much open things as could be expected under the incident in the investigation. They have additionally been shown CCTV video. Furthermore, why the police didn’t help?

Chief of the Ward Police Office, Baidam, DSP Chinimaya Tamang didn’t awaken when he called her at 9.14 pm on May 20. She got the call at 5:11 pm on May 15 and said that she didn’t comprehend. The call didn’t pick up quickly.

Justice for Nubhiv Upreti !!

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