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How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online?

Sell Photos Online

Are you addicted of photography, if yes, then this article will help to convert your photography talent into an opportunity to earn money by just sitting at your home.

If you can take different types of creative photos, then you can easily make money from those photos by selling those photos on different online platforms. You must know this method of online earning . So, let’s know-


Sell Photos Online

Today, there are many online platforms available on the internet where you can make money by selling photos. When you sell photos on these platforms, people from all over the world buy them.

Every photo is sold for a different price according to the quality and platform of your photo. You can make more money on unique and demanding photos. After which you can transfer it to your bank account after having a minimum of 100 dollars in earnings. In this way, you can make a lot of money by only selling more and more photos.

To make money by selling photos, you need a few things. For example:-

  1. Best Quality Camera – If you have a DSLR camera then it is a very good thing for you, it helps you to click more quality photos. If not, then you can also take photos in HD with the camera which is available in your smartphone. Nowadays, most of the mobile phones provides best quality cameras.
  2. Photo Editor – If you can take photos in good color then you will not need to edit it. Or you can do creative photography using it. In which the quality of the photo and its colors should emerge even better.
  3. Platform to Sell Photos  Now to sell your photos, you have to create an account on one of the photo selling platforms. Many photo selling platforms give good pay out, among those platforms, you can choose any one of them. So let us now know about some online platforms for selling photos.



Shutterstock is the most popular online platform for selling photos to make money. It has been available to sell photos and is active for more than 15 years. So far, Shutterstock has given a total of 500 million dollars in revenue to its photo sellers.

There are many levels of sellers in this, as your level increases, the commission you get on selling photos also increases. Due to which you will get a commission of 20% to 30% on each photo sold by you.


You can get a commission upto 33% by selling photos on Adobe Stock. Whatever photos you sell through this platform, it also starts appearing on other photo selling platform like Fotolia.


This platform has now been owned by Adobe. There are two price models of commission on photos – Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription. In which the first one gets a commission of 20% to 63%. Whereas, the subscription gives 33% commission, which is less guaranteed.


Getty Images is the best premium platform for selling your photos. Now, Getty Images works in conjunction with Google.

You can get high commission for selling photos on this platform. You have to buy a rights managed license for this. Which means instead of buying your photos on it, buyers buy their rights to use them on a particular platform. On this you get a minimum commission of 20%.


This platform makes monthly payments to photo sellers and its payment model is completely different as compared to other photo selling platforms. From this platform, photo sellers get 50% commission, distributor 70% and Novell Us gets 50% commission. When your monthly income becomes minimum $50, then you can withdraw your money from it.


This is a branch of Getty Images. Here you get a commission of 25% to 45% on each sold images.


If you are going to try this field for the first time, then this platform can prove to be a better platform for you. This platform is very simple and user friendly and its requirements are also less as compared to other photo selling platforms.

In this, 25% commission is available on non-exclusive images and up to 27% on exclusive images. If you remain a seller on it, then you can earn commission from 45% to 49%.

Exclusive just means selling that photo on this website.


This platform is not as big as other platforms, but it is as much as other platforms for selling photos. On this platform, you have to sell high standard exclusive images. On which you get commission ranging from 50% to 70%.


With this platform you can buy, sell and download photos for free. When someone downloads the image you sold, you get nothing. But when someone buys those photos, you can get a commission of upto 70% commission.


This platform is also similar to other big platforms. When someone buys your images, you get a fixed commission. This commission is usually 30%. As your photos are downloaded by users, so does its price and your commission increases.


There are many freelancing websites available on internet on which you can make good amount of money by clicking and editing photos according to custom work or client’s requirement. Some freelancing websites which are on top these days are


  • Understand the category – You can able to sell photos in one or more categories if you want.
    But by selling photos on any one category, you can get regular customers. One increases your skill and the other makes your content unique.
  • Upload by editing photos – This improves the quality of your photos. With editing, you can always make your photos unique by making the necessary changes. That’s why always edit and upload the photo.
  • Use a good quality camera – If you do not have a DSLR camera, then you can use the camera of a smartphone whose camera is more than 13 MP. Never click photos of poor quality.
  • Connect with Customers – Don’t wait for the customers to come, but let the hood market your photos. Because there are thousands of people on these platforms who want to sell photos and you are one of them.
  • By making extra effort to reach your customers through social media , your website or email, you can get good success in this field.

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