Google Pay Will Change These Rules From 1 January 2022

google pay update

In India, most people are using online payments. Along with this, many digital wallets have been launched in the market which are used by people in a huge amount. The special thing about these Digital Payment Apps is you can make your payment anywhere which is also good for security purposes. Among these apps, Google Pay is one of the most widely used applications for Digital Transactions in India. But, there is big updates for Google Pay and for its users. The company is going to change its rules soon. The effect of this update will come in the picture from 1 January 2022.

google pay update

Users making Online Payments using Google Pay will be Affected

There is some discussion regarding the change of rules which Google will be going to make on the guidelines that is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). There will be a simple effect on the users while online payments. Let us tell you that this new rule will be applicable for all the services of Google which include Google Ads, YouTube, Google Play Store, and Google Pay, etc.

New Google Pay Rule will be active from 1 January

The new rule will be active from 1 January 2022. Google will not save the card details data of users. So far, Google was saving the cards details of users like card number, expiry date, etc. But, it will not happen anymore. After activation of this new rule, users have to put their card details again while making payments. Only after that, you can make payment. This change will be made in the manual online payment of Google Pay.

Don’t have to Enter Details Again and Again

Millions of Google Pay users will be directly affected after this new rule of Google. Because after this change, they can’t save their card details and they have to enter their card details again and again. This means you have to remember your card number and its expiry date. If you use MasterCard or Visa then you have to authorize to save your card details in the new format.

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